Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is a fun, affordable way to play tennis daily during the indoor season. For a flat fee, Breakfast Club Members may play unlimited tennis on the back three indoor courts only from 7:00 AM to 11:30 AM Monday through Friday. No other courts or hours are available under this program. This is not lesson time, is intended for random doubles play, and no use of the ball machine is available. This could be as much as 90 hours of tennis per month for daily players.

The STEC Member Breakfast Club membership is $50 per month ($60 for Guests) for September, October, April and May, and $75 per month ($100 for guests) for November through March. Note that there are an average of 25 members per month from November through April, so there are typically players of all skill levels available to participate, but there is no guarantee on any given day how many players or how much court time, if any, will be available. Depending on availability, members may pay a daily drop-in rate of $10, or guests may drop in for $15.

Sandra Almeida
or call the front desk at
617-288-9092 for more information.